Let courage be your north star
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Seasons Collection

As humans, we experience different seasons of life. In spring, we might feel renewed, budding, and ready for the next adventure. Summer, at our peak, feeling loved, connected, and fulfilled. Fall, an opportunity to let go and clear what isn't serving us anymore. Then there is winter...when some of the tougher aspects of our life take the forefront.

The winter season offers an invitation to dig deep and heal layers of unresolved emotional residue. May this collection inspire you to slow down and take note where you are, allowing yourself to feel into the season, life lessons, and healing that can take place. To offer yourself compassion and permission to nestle into the winter season for as long as you need.

Design Element
Seasons introduces four main florals representing the four seasons; spring, summer, fall, and winter. The focus is winter, representing grief and the associated colors of black and grey. The flower shapes connect back to Chippewa woodland floral design.



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