Let courage be your north star
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Fire & Ice Collection

The Fire & Ice Collection highlights duality. Inspired by Iceland, the land of fire and ice, it’s home to both glaciers and volcanoes. Within miles of desolate landscape and rough terrain, you turn a corner to the most beautiful green hillsides and magnificent waterfalls. One can focus on the dreary, isolated, and rough aspects of the island, or with a slight shift in perspective, notice untouched beauty all around.

May this collection inspire a change in focus to a brighter lens of positivity. What you give energy to expands. Desires may not come as you envision, they may not come at all. But this isn’t about getting what you want, but a reminder of what you already have. Let it gently nudge you to look for beauty all around, as it will mirror that beauty back to you.

Design Elements
The Fire & Ice Collection introduces the purple Alaskan Lupin which adorns open meadows and mountain sides throughout Iceland. The blue and red hues connect back to the duality of fire and ice. The symmetrical pattern represents the mirroring aspect of one's vibrational focus. White vined florals tie back to traditional Chippewa woodland floral design.


To watch Tessa's Iceland video that inspired this collection

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