Let courage be your north star
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Air Collection

The Medicine Wheel is a symbol found across many indigenous nations. The teachings and concepts vary slightly between communities. However, the most common shared symbolism speaks to the four directions, natural elements, states of being, medicines, and phases of life. 

Our physical world is composed of four classic elements; water, fire, earth, and air. These elements are considered important energy forces and as a part of the medicine wheel, used as a guide and teaching tool for personal growth and learning. The 2018 winter collection introduces the air element. 


We can’t see air, but we feel it on our skin. We observe its presence when the trees and flowers move. Without thinking, we immediately take a deep breath in, as if knowing air has mystical properties to soothe our soul. The Air Collection is about slowing down and observing the world as is–not grieving the past, or worrying about the future. This winter, let the air element inspire more mindful living and bring you back to the present moment. 

Design Elements
The Air Collection introduces the geometric floral. The neutral hues connect back to the air element. The arrows, shapes, and accent lines point toward the center of the pattern representing the power of being present within one’s self.


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