Let Courage Be Your North Star
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Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel is a symbol found across many indigenous nations. The teachings and concepts vary slightly between communities, however, the majority of symbolism speaks to the four directions, natural elements, states of being, medicines and phases of life. These teachings offer opportunities for personal development. They represent the connectedness of all living and energetic entities. We are here to grow and evolve our spiritual self, our soul, into more loving, kind and nurturing beings. We learn through our mistakes, our experiences, our elders, our youth; we learn from each other. Our greatest teacher however is ourselves, because we hold the key to personal expansion.

Teachings of the Medicine Wheel help us monitor and pursue equilibrium every day. One specific guiding principal of the Medicine Wheel is to balance oneself spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally. These four concepts reside within the wheel because of their relationship with each other. Your soul resides in the middle of the wheel; the fire and light within you. Integrating yourself within these areas allows your body to heal holistically.  As you strengthen each day through the teachings of the Medicine Wheel, you will notice your ability to cultivate more courage, confidence, compassion and self love. When stressful situations arise, you find yourself better able to cope. When grief knocks at your door, you are better able to work through the difficult emotions. When unhealthy eating habits creep back into your life, you feel empowered to make positive changes. 

The floral design in the Soul Curiosity logo is inspired by the traditional Medicine Wheel. Your soul, the energetic spiritual makeup of who you are, is the very place healing and evolution takes place. No matter your religious/spiritual background, the teachings of the wheel can positively impact your relationship with others, and more importantly, with yourself.