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Resiliency Project: Blanket Workshop | October 2020

October 16-18, 2020, Soul Curiosity, in partnership with GenArtSeven Stone Center For Behavioral Health & Healing and Beyond Buckskin, hosted a free virtual art workshop with Turtle Mountain Native youth ages 15-21. 

This three day virtual healing and creative workshop guided youth in how to:

  • become more resilient
  • use art in resiliency healing
  • connect with culture in resiliency healing
  • find present thoughts and feelings
  • choose desired thoughts and feelings
  • identify a personal power word
  • design and make a resiliency blanket
  • write a resiliency story that is motivating and empowering

Youth left the workshop with their own blanket that was infused with inspiration to help guide a more balanced, confident and resilient self. 

This workshop was made possible by the generous supporters of the Resiliency Blanket. All profits from the sale of this blanket was donated and matched by the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa. Designed by artist Tessa Sayers and sold on her website, Soul Curiosity, alongside Beyond Buckskin, this collaboration with Dr. Tami Jollie Trottier, Jessica Metcalfe and Jona Peltier is a true uniting of indigenous women who want to give back and empower youth to heal and find their voice.

Click here to purchase the Resiliency Blanket and support future workshops. 

Workshop Pictures

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