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Wedding Collection

The Wedding Collection was inspired by the wedding of Tessa Sayers and Jeremy Logsdon. After getting engaged, Tessa started planning and realized she wanted to create her own wedding invitation with woodland design elements that were Ojibwe/Cree/Metis in nature. She loved the simplicity, sophistication, and symbolism of the design, and therefore decided to create a specific collection in honor of the wedding, but more importantly the theme of connection, commitment and love. 

The primary focus of the design is the strawberry, because of its shape, it is often referred to as the 'heart berry' in Anishinaabe (means first or original people) culture. The strawberry was an important food and medicinal plant for many indigenous peoples. In the words of elder Lilliam Pitawanakwat, "(the heart berry) is connected to the strawberry plant by a vast system of leaves, runners and roots, so is the heart, connected to all the organs and parts of the human body. The heart is at the center of the human." Tessa was drawn to elder Lillian Pitawanakwat because of her Ojibwe/Potawotami heritage. With Tessa having Ojibwe heritage and Jeremy having Potawatomi, she felt an immediate connection to the stories and teachings of Lillian. She felt it was important to include the strawberry within the design elements and overall theme. Every time she looked at the strawberry, she thought of love, connection and the commitment she was going to make to Jeremy. 

The collection consists of two blankets, representing two people coming together in love, one in the color cream and the other brown. The collection also incorporates a legging with the brown wedding print. Lastly, the collection showcases the intricate beadwork by Tessa, a necklace and back piece for herself and tie for the groom. 

This collection is dedicated to all types of love and the commitment we make every day to love ourselves and those around us, through the good and through the challenging times.  May it encourage you to connect more on a deeper level with those around you. May it inspire you to wake up each day with a commitment to share more love with yourself and others.  

Wedding Collection
Blankets: brown/cream
Leggings: brown
Beadwork: necklace/tie (not for sale)

To read more about Tessa's Native heritage click here

Wedding Photo Images Credit: Olivia Bidleman Carson



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