Let courage be your north star
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My Calling is Culture Collection

The My Calling is Culture collection represents the blending of cultures. It reflects the experience of Tessa’s family migration from the indigenous prairie lands of North Dakota and Montana to the Pacific Northwest to Coast Salish territory. The collection is a reminder to honor all facets of ourselves, unique heritage, background, communities, and experiences. A personal calling of acceptance, inclusion, and self-love. Let it rekindle the cultural calling in you. 

Design Elements
The My Calling is Culture Collection introduces the salmon tail floral, a design inspired from a tattered button blanket belonging to Tessa’s grandmother Mary. Through the refurbishment of the blanket into a stole, a salmon tail was combined with florals to highlight both Coast Salish and Chippewa woodland design. The Coast Salish design elements were created by Tessa’s father, Michael Sayers, an enrolled member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa and trained artist in Coast Salish aesthetics.



(Click hear to see photos and learn more about my Native heritage)

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