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Woven Blanket: Messenger Collection
Soul Curiosity

Woven Blanket: Messenger Collection

Cozy up with this cotton woven blanket. Great for at home or travel. 

Material: l00% Cotton

Size: 50"x60"

Fabric: Cotton

Designer: Tessa Sayers

Care: Machine wash in cold water using mild detergent and gentle cycle only. Do not bleach or tumble dry.

Style: Woodland

This Messenger Collection is inspired by the story of Omakakii, the Ojibwe frog who became very sick because of contaminated pond water. Omakakii was confused why creator choose her to bear this hardship when other frogs were healthy. Labon, a wise Hopi frog, told Omakakii that creator only allows the strong to carry such burdens and that Omakakii was a messenger to her people, reminding others about the importance of taking care of mother earth and taking care of themselves. Her sickness was part of her story. Her sickness was part of healing. Her sickness was her strength. This collection is dedicated to anyone who is journeying through life with a health challenge. May it give you a different perspective that could positively impact your community and relationship with yourself. You carry important medicine and a message to others and yourself. Let it remind you that you that you are stronger than you believe.

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