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Fleece Sherpa Blanket: Air Collection

Silky and soft Fleece Sherpa Woodland Blanket. Will keep you warm and cozy on cold evenings. Great for at home or travel. 

Material: l00% Polyester

Size: 50"x60"

Fabric: Fleece

Designer: Tessa Sayers

Care: Machine wash separately in cold water. When drying, use delicate cycle and tumble dry on low heat. Do not bleach. Do not iron, press with heat or dry clean.

Style: Woodland

The Collection: Air Collection
As a physical element, air is the element that is invisible yet observed through the behavior of other elements—our breath, our means of travel, and through movement—a way to interact with the natural environment around us. Metaphysically, air connects to the space around us. It connects us to the present moment. 

The Air Collection is about connecting to the present moment. Often when we “need some air” we are feeling flustered and overwhelmed. The air feels cool to our skin, something tangible we can cling to when feeling trapped or outside the body. Without thinking, we immediately take a deep breath as if instinctively knowing air has magical properties to soothe our souls. 

The design elements for the air collection introduce the geometric woodland floral. The color palette features neutrals that connect back to air, clouds, and the storminess winter brings. The arrows, shapes and accent lines point toward the center of the floral or pattern, representing the power of being present within one’s self. In moments of panic or chaos, gather that energy and go in. The most important moment is the present moment, your present feeling; your present thoughts. 

This winter let the air element bring you back to self, back to the present moment. Let it remind you to live more mindfully. Sometimes the best thing you can do is breathe deep, feel and release. All this happens consciously, presently—allowing yourself to be in the moment regardless of how you are feeling.

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