Let Courage Be Your North Star
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Soul Curiosity

Tie: Renewal Collection

Stand out with this unique tie. Their satin sheen material and indigenous design will set you apart from the rest! 

Material: Poly-satin

Sizing: 3.5" x 56"

Designer: Tessa Sayers

Care: Machine wash in cold water and hang dry. 


Collection: Renewal Collection 

The 'Renewal Collection' signifies rebirth and rejuvenation. Each spring the world witnesses a new generation of plants and animals. Spring is often a metaphor for growth and new life. Many people clean their homes and rid themselves of clutter. Spring is not only a great opportunity to cleanse our external surroundings but our internal environment. 

This collection is dedicated to the process of reinvention. May it inspire you to wake up each day reminding yourself it is never too late to let go of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual shadows holding you back. 

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