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Soul Curiosity

Authentic Native & Metis Graphic Tank: Fire Collection

A modern fit tank for women. This tank top perfectly flatters on its own or underneath a cardigan, and it features a trendy longer back. It is a must-have in every woman's wardrobe, this fitted tank looks good in a gym, out on the town, or cozying up on the couch. 

Wear These For
Pair this with a Soul Curiosity legging, wedges or heels for a fun modern look. 

Take your presentation to the next level with a sports coat, Soul Curiosity legging and heels.

Sport trendy fashion while taking in nature, yoga mat, or hitting the gym. Don't forget to match with your favorite Soul Curiosity legging. 

You can still look cute while watching your favorite movie on Friday night. 

Material:  100% combed ringspun cotton


Sizing: S-2XL

 Size To Buy Regular
S 4
S 6
M 8
L 10
XL 12
XL 14
XL 16

Designer: Tessa Sayers

Care: Because the tank is produced upon order and shipped directly from the manufacturer there is slight smell from production. The smell will disappear after one washMachine wash in cold water. When drying, use delicate cycle and tumble dry on low or preferably hang dry. Do not bleach. Be gentle with ironing. 


Collection: Fire Collection
The Medicine Wheel is a symbol found across many indigenous nations. The teachings and concepts vary slightly between communities; however, the majority of the symbolism speaks to the four directions, natural elements, states of being, medicines and phases of life. Soul Curiosity often talks about the medicine wheel in relation to the mental, emotional spiritual and physical. This year will be an exploration into the natural elements. The 2018 Summer Collection introduces you to the FIRE ELEMENT.

As a physical element, fire keeps us warm, it cooks our food. It has the ability to destroy and can be very unforgiving. Forest fires can be devastating to habitats, animals, and homes. It can also be a natural and necessary part of the ecocystem as it rids of old vegetation, allows sunlight to come through, and encourages new plant growth. Metaphysically, fire evokes a sense of dying off, making room for regrowth. A complete cleansing and rebirth of new life. 

The Fire Collection is about shedding the old narrative and writing a new chapter. It's about loving yourself through the process. Giving yourself permission to throw a match in your internal space, and watching the flames of guilt, jealousy, shame, anger, disappointments, fears and anxiety smolder away into the past. Cleansing and purification, a spiritual rebirth where love and courage win every time. 

This summer let LOVE FUEL YOUR INNER FIRE as you face fears and push through challenging times. Feed your fire with love and see what beautiful transformations take place. Welcome to the Fire Collection

To read more about this collection please click here

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