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Michael Sayers

Michael Sayers was born in Port Orchard, Washington, the fifth child born to Mary and Joseph Sayers. His family migrated from the Fort Peck Indian Reservation to the Pacific Northwest in 1941. Michael is an enrolled member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa. He served in the United States Air Force for four years, then obtained his B.A. in Art Science at Western Washington University. He went on to teach for 32 years at South Kitsap High School with a primary focus in fine arts, Washington State history, Native American history, and Native American literature. He also oversaw the creation of the first Native American student club. His primary art medium is charcoal, acrylics, sandblasting, rockery, sculpting, and woodwork. Since growing up in Western Washington, Michael cultivated a strong connection to Coast Salish culture which was an integral component in teaching high school students local indigenous history. He was fortunate to study Coast Salish art from Skokomish tribal leader and artist Bruce Miller. Michael's work also represents the plains lifestyle of Chippewa culture as they migrated west into the Dakotas and Montana. Michael lives on a five-acre farm with his dog Hiyu. His time is spent mastering crosswords, garage sale picking, dabbling in art, and spending time with his daughter Tessa.