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Green Beauty

Green Beauty. Yes that is a thing! If you are looking to detoxify the products in your life, there are many options that can fit within your budget. I especially love beauty products, so was determined to find alternative solutions to the toxic ingredients I was putting on my skin. I encourage you to checkout EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetic Database. The United States government does not require health studies or pre-market testing of chemicals that are put into the products consumers use. EWG helps you make informed decisions about the products you purchase. 
More to come on Green Beauty so please make sure to sign up for my newsletter (bottom of this page). In the meantime please checkout EWG's TOP TIPS FOR SAFER PRODUCTS and MYTHS ON COSMETIC SAFETY. 

With organic lavender, fair trade shea and cocoa butter this hand cream not only leaves your skin soft but 100% of the net profits from this A Path of Light® purchase support women and girls' equality and empowerment. A total win-win. Click here to say yes to your hands and women's rights!

A certified cosmetic company that has modern and fun natural makeup. I am in LOVE with their Eyeshadow in the shade of Apricot. It is Germany's best selling natural makeup brand. Click here to give your eyes some pizzazz!


My current go-to green beauty products. They have affordable pricing when it comes to Green Beauty, great customer service and a wide variety of shades for all skin tones. They can even help color match through your Facebook profile, mine was spot on! Click here to checkout their free trial. 

Grey hair? Oh no! As I get older I notice more and more grey hairs. I am not ready to embrace the grey just yet. After searching high and low for non-toxic hair dye that really worked, I found Hairprint. It covers the grey and restores hair to its original color. Try it, you will not be disappointed! Click here to erase your grey for good.
After hearing positive reviews from my close friend, I decided to give Evan Healy a try. I am hooked! My skin has dramatically improved since using their products and they will last you a long time as well. Organic and holistic products at your fingertips! Click here to check out this unique and awesome line. 
It is always a treat to order Youngblood Cosmetics. I discovered their products in 2013 from a holistic esthetician. I use their brow pencil and loose powder mineral foundation daily. Skip a night on the town and use the money to pamper yourself with Youngblood. Click here to see this amazing cosmetic line.

Dark circles or uneven skin tone? Look no further.This anti-aging treatment concealer diffuses the look of dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles. Wish I would have found it sooner. Click here for brighter looking mornings. 
I love a soft glow on my cheeks that brightens my face and adds a touch of pop. Zuzu Luxe is a full cosmetic line under Gabriel Cosmetics. It is also vegan, gluten-free, cruelty free and natural. They have many winners but their blush is by far my favorite!  Click here to liven up your cheekbones. 
Anyone else have a problem finding natural deodorant that actually works? I finally found one that not only works but now my beautiful pits smell like vanilla and roses. Schmidts are free of aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens & phthalates and no artificial fragrance. Click here to have the loveliest pits around.  
Take care of your teeth and keep your breath on point with this gentle yet effective toothpaste. It has no sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates, preservatives, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, saccharin, propylene glycol and gluten. Click here to try out this great toothpaste!