Let courage be your north star
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Beading Workshops
I love teaching others the beautiful tradition of beadwork. Ever since I learned how to bead from Vickie Nanookasi Matanakiwan Wulf, an Ojibwe friend and colleague, it has become spiritual medicine to my soul. Contact me for individual lessons or group workshops. Together we can learn the history of Anishinaabe beadwork, finish a small completed project, and leave you with the tools necessary to continue making original creations of your own.  

Art Therapy
Because of my own struggles and experience with difficult emotions, I found art as a way to help understand, express, and alleviate the many feelings I tried to deny, ignore and suppress. In 2015, I was invited to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota to lead Art Therapy Workshops and talk to youth about emotions, how to process emotions through art, and encourage youth to share these feelings with others. The experience with youth at Pine Ridge fueled my desire to share art therapy with a broader audience. Contact me for Art Therapy Workshops that are tailored towards kids, youth, or adults. Together we will talk about the psychology of feelings, various ways to tap into our emotional body, and tools to help work through them.

Speaking Engagements
I find the best way to connect with others is through authenticity and vulnerability. I'm not perfect, and I don't claim to be an expert. Through experiences and life lessons, my goal is to inspire and motivate people to step outside their comfort zone and lead with courage. I find myself doing that all the time! I genuinely believe COURAGE is the first step to accomplishing anything. I view courage as a verb because the act of doing anything, regardless of how you feel, is a brave and beautiful thing. I don't like talking to people, but with people. Through group interaction and sharing among participants, everyone will leave with tangible tools for personal transformation.

Common topics include:
- Art Therapy
- Poetry Writing
- Working through complex or confusing emotions
- The power of validation
- Leading a life of courage
- Connecting through vulnerability and authenticity
- Green living and holistic health
- Whole food nutrition and lifestyle changes
- Integrating the Medicine Wheel into everyday life 



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