Let Courage Be Your North Star
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Blog #2: Vulnerability

Blog #2:  Vulnerability

Being vulnerable with others isn't easy. We are opening a part of ourselves and trusting another to take care of it. When vulnerable, we are taking a risk. A risk at being rejected, punished, shamed, dismissed or ignored. Most people refrain from being vulnerable because there is a slight chance of being emotionally bruised. We would rather keep in our secrets, our thoughts, or needs because somehow that feels safer then the potential greater reward of being seen, validated, and truly heard. When we feel seen, our bond with others deepens, we trust just a little more, and our connectedness...

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Blog #1: The Beginning

Blog #1:  The Beginning

This is my first official blog! Thank you for joining me. This year has been a whirlwind of great opportunities and experiences. Anytime you use the word "whirlwind", that’s code for “my life is crazy.” When schedules get busy that means time becomes paramount, a precious commodity. I utilize my time very strategically which includes allotting my “free time.” Hey at least I plan down time right?! Lately I haven’t found a lot of downtime with a boyfriend (now fiancee), dog, friends, family, new full-time job, moving, and oh ya, I’m starting a small business. With my life full of...

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