Let Courage Be Your North Star
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Water Collection Spring 2018

The Medicine Wheel is a symbol found across many indigenous nations. The teachings and concepts vary slightly between communities; however, the majority of the symbolism speaks to the four directions, natural elements, states of being, medicines and phases of life. Soul Curiosity often talks about the medicine wheel in relation to the mental, emotional spiritual and physical. This year will be an exploration into the natural elements. 

Our physical world is composed of four classic elements; water, fire, earth and air. These elements are considered important energy forces and as a part of the medicine wheel, used as a guide and teaching tool for learning and personal growth. The 2018 Spring Collection introduces you to the WATER ELEMENT. This collection consists of leggings, tanks, journals, blankets and men's neckties. 


On a high vibrational scale, water represents cleansing, purifying, movement and fluidity. It can, however, symbolize coldness, stillness and destruction. Water is very polarizing. It can be fresh, warm and inviting. An element we cannot, as humans live without. It also has a way of feeling dangerous, dark and sometimes even tremendously scary. 

Soul Curiosity’s Water Collection is connected to the song "No Fear of Heights" by Katie Melua. For many people, this song is about someone overcoming their fears because of the support and love from someone else. For me, this song is about the self. When I give myself compassion, acceptance, LOVE...I feel powerful, confident and strong. Choosing to love the things about yourself that you feel are inadequate can be really challenging. As a "Type A" person and perfectionist, choosing to love my anxiety, for example, has not been easy. It is hard to embrace a part of yourself you desperately want to change. 

Last year I suffered a major setback to my anxiety when I had a panic attack on a 5 lane freeway coming into Seattle. It rocked my driving confidence to the core. I had a hard time getting behind the wheel after that. This song helped cultivate the courage I needed when anxiety manifested while driving. It even helped me on my honeymoon last year in Maui when I was around a lot of water. I have a complicated relationship with water due to my history with panic attacks. I am either extremely peaceful within water or downright petrified. No one was going to help me overcome these fears. Putting undue pressure on myself wasn't going to help them go away either. I wanted everyone else to support me, but I wasn't supporting myself. 

Most often, we look externally to feel validated, loved, safe and worthy. What would happen if you stopped searching outside of yourself? What could you face if you told yourself that you are loved, safe and worthy? 

This spring LET COURAGE BE YOUR NORTH STAR as you navigate the uncharted waters of yourself, your fears, your hopes, and your dreams. When you give yourself love, there is no room for fear. Welcome to the Water Collection


Click on the song title below to listen while you are following along with the lyrics. How does the song make you feel? 

No Fear of Heights | Katie Melua
I never walked near the edge

Used to fear falling
I never swam far from shore
Never tried the secret door
But when you give me love
When you give me love
I have no fear of heights,
No fear of the deep blue sea,
Although it could drown me,
I know it could drown me
I didn’t wander in the woods
Used to fear the darkness
I didn’t like getting deep
I was scared of what I couldn’t keep
But when you give me love
When you give me love
I have no fear of heights,
No fear of the deep blue sea,
Although it could drown me,
I know it could drown me
No fear of the fall
No fear if it's with you that I fall
'Cause nothing could break us,
No, nothing could break us, now

The Water Collection
Tri-blend Tanks: White heather, steel blue
Cotton/Poly Tanks: Blue, black
Leggings: Black, Azure
Necktie: Azure
Journal: Azure
Blanket: Azure

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