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Foodie Friday #1: Butter

Butter! Wait a minute...butter? I will never forget when my naturopathic doctor, Tony Murczek, told me I could eat butter. He said it had good bacteria for my stomach, especially because I had so many intestinal issues. It was pure heaven! I do believe butter has many health benefits, however, keep in mind that butter calories add up quickly! Before you know it, you just melted 2 tbsp of butter onto your muffin, and that is over 200 calories!

The source of your butter is very important! Margarine is NOT butter. I buy Organic Valleys Pasture Butter. The reason I like Organic Valley is because

  • This butter is produced from May to September when pastures are green and lush. It accounts for 99% of the cow’s feed.
  • It is produced without the use of antibiotics, synthetic hormones, GMO, or toxic pesticides

To read a great article about the positive attributes of butter, please visit Paleo Leap. 

I still refrain from eating all other dairy products because I notice a significant connection to dairy and how I feel. Butter does not interact with my body negatively. If you are highly allergic to dairy products, butter may or may not resonate with your system. Use your discernment and listen to your body. If your body gives you the green light...well, go and make some Bliss Bars!

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