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Foodie Friday #3: Adult Baby Food

Moms on the go will tell you packaged baby food is a convenient and healthy snack for little ones. Baby food has really gained momentum in the marketplace, especially organic baby food. Visit the baby section in the grocery store and you will be surprised at how many brands and flavors are available for every palate. 

But Tessa, you don't have kids...I know, not yet! So how does baby food fit into your life? Baby food is a staple in my life! My autoimmune diagnosis coincided with a professional travel schedule that kept me on the road often.  Eating healthy on the go is tough, especially when you travel to remote areas. I loved traveling but I also wanted to get better. I needed a plan!

In my next blog, I will go into more detail on how I make travel work on a healthy or limited diet. Believe me, it can be done! I have traveled all over the US and three Canadian Provinces. I even managed to enjoy trips to New York, Costa Rica, Kauai and the tip of the Arctic ocean...yes you read that right! Today we will focus on one aspect of food and travel, baby food!

One day I was casually perusing the grocery store and noticed all the tiny packages of baby food and thought, "hmmm, I wonder what that taste like, I mean its just mashed up fruit." I bought a couple flavors that looked good and wow, they were so tasty. Every trip I would bring a suitcase full of baby food and would typically eat three a day.

The next time you find yourself in a rush, worried about healthy eating while traveling, pick up a few packets of baby food. Keep in mind that fruit is still sugar so be mindful how many you eat. Sometimes it feels like dessert, believe me! Here are a few things to check before purchasing baby food.

  • unnecessary filler ingredients are additives. Sugar should not be added!
  • No GMO ingredients
  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • Non-BPA packaging 

If you have access to whole fruit and veggies, that is always best, baby food is not meant to forgo the real thing. My top two favorite brands are Peter Rabbit Organics and Earth's Best Organic. I even order them on Amazon and have boxes shipped to my house for emergencies. The other thing to keep in mind, everyone will ask how old your baby is at checkout, happens every time. And check out my Pudding Powerhouse recipe to see how baby food and chocolate can be your new Friday night movie snack! https://www.mysoulcuriosity.com/pages/recipesHappy Adult Baby Fooding :)

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