Let Courage Be Your North Star
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Blog #1: The Beginning

This is my first official blog! Thank you for joining me. This year has been a whirlwind of great opportunities and experiences. Anytime you use the word "whirlwind", that’s code for “my life is crazy.” When schedules get busy that means time becomes paramount, a precious commodity. I utilize my time very strategically which includes allotting my “free time.” Hey at least I plan down time right?! Lately I haven’t found a lot of downtime with a boyfriend (now fiancee), dog, friends, family, new full-time job, moving, and oh ya, I’m starting a small business. With my life full of exciting things, I find my stress levels rising and old behaviors and thought patterns creeping in. With any major life event, that’s the perfect time for emotional triggers to appear at a moments notice. When your life is hectic and stress levels are high, that’s when balance is most vital. Of course it makes sense, but when am I supposed to pencil that in? I’m at that crossroads where my creativity is super charged, I want to do so many things, I just need more time, however as the scale quickly becomes unbalanced I feel the pull to equilibrium. I come back to my mission that I whole-heartedly believe in, and accept my brand, designs, and ideas will mature and evolve over time, maybe not my time, but in a cadence that is nurturing to the overall well being of myself and others. I move back to Washington on November 15 and look forward to exploring my new life even with the anxiety caboose that accompanies the happy train. As I work towards creating balance with others and myself, thank you for coming along on this adventure with me. I hope my experiences and vulnerability will mirror the fire within you to seek your own healing and truth. Together lets follow our dreams and reach for the stars...ok maybe just one star at time. The universe is beautiful, we wouldn’t want to miss it.    

With Love

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